Charles Dickinson is a plein air
artist specializing in
museum quality oil paintings

"Streaming Florida" (Winner of Collector's Choice, Maecenas Award)

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Charles is excited to return to Key Largo, FL and the Ocean Reef Painting event February 2-3, 2023. This is a beautiful event in a beautiful area of Florida. Charles can't wait to return!
February 11, 2023 Charles is invited to Fair Oaks for an event there. Artist Linda Blondheim ( gathers artists for a great cause and opportunity. Fair Oaks Farm, Micanopy, FL. Fair Oaks Farm info here
Wow! It's almost here, Wekiva Paint Out starts the week of Feb. 27- March 4th, 2023. Such a fun event in such a rich area. Plan a visit. There will be plenty to do and see!
Forgotten Coast en Plein Air is an event that brings joy to Charles every time he is invited back. He returns March 17-26, 2023. He has been so fortunate to have been invited all 18 years and he couldn't be happier. Check out all the opportunities atForgotten Coast en Plein Air
Next on the schedule is Winter Park Paint Out another amazing event and one of Charles' special favorites. Save the date April 23 – 29, 2023 and stay up to date at Winter Park Paint Out This is certainly a favorite event of his.
Charles is very honored that two of his paintings this year have been chosen for Cover art for this year's Winter Park Paint Out and New Smyrna Paint Out
Also Charles' painting "Streaming Florida" was chosen as Collector's Choice , Maecenas Award at 2022s Forgotten Coast en Plein Air. He was beyond grateful and honored.
We are excited to let you know that Charles garnered a "Best of Show" Award for his painting Old Florida during the Florida Wild exhibit at the St. Augustine Art Association 2021.
He also was awarded "Best Figure in a Landscape" at the Gloucester Paint Out 2021
Charles and I are working on a new website that is taking its time for completion but we hope to get it up and running soon. In the meantime I will update you here.
Charles has been busy working toward finishing a collection of studio and conceptual works that he hopes to introduce you to soon.
Please click "About the Artist" and Current News for more information about more upcoming events too!
all images: © Charles Dickinson